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The A-List, Inc. is a multimedia consulting agency offering creative content, video/podcast editing, social media management, TV & digital hosting and social media strategies. The company is founded by Ariana Alexa Cohen, a 3x Emmy winning TV News Anchor/Reporter. She is currently a news reporter for the #1 news station CBS in San Diego, California. Ariana has worked in the news industry across the country in Kansas, Washington and Tennessee. In fact, Washington is where The A-List was born. Ariana hosted a weekly segment called "The A-List" focusing on pop culture and entertainment and now she has used it as the name of her company. If you need a video of a real estate home, mortgage website or a special event, The A-List has you covered! Companies need to have stellar podcasts and social media platforms in order to stand out from the rest. Now is your chance, hop off the D-List and get on The A-list!

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